About Us

Our Mission is to Serve Affordable Housing Organizations

It is our mission to continuously improve affordable housing for the public, by evaluating affordable housing organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe, well managed, high quality affordable housing in their communities

About the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board

The Affordable Housing Accreditation Board, Inc. was created in 2013 to establish and advance standards of excellence in the affordable housing industry. Its vision is to promote excellence in affordable housing programs and ensure these programs continue to positively impacts residents.

History of The Affordable Housing Accreditation Board

The affordable housing industry has operated under the purview of its largest funder, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which has established baseline operating standards for programs that are operating across the country. The affordable housing industry has utilized these basic standards to ensure grant and funding requirements are met for each program. What has been missing is a methodology for establishing what standards of excellence, not just minimum standards. Industry leaders saw this as problematic and came together to form the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board, an accrediting body made up of individuals with years of field experience combined with professional expertise from the four major organizations serving the public housing industry:  the Council of Large Housing Authorities (CLPHA), HAI Group, the National Association of Housing Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), and the Public Housing Authority Directors Association (PHADA).

These leaders agreed that establishing and communicating standards recognizing excellence in service delivery and business operations, provides the industry with a benchmark for best practices. Their intent was to establish high quality standards that inspire public confidence in communities, dignity for residents, and innovative public private collaboration that enables cities – small and large – to thrive. The achievement of Affordable Housing Accreditation will serve as a symbol of excellence in affordable housing regardless of location or size of the housing accreditation oranization.

Current Day

The Affordable Housing Accreditation Board continues to be represented by affordable housing experts from across the country. The Board governs the organization, which is run by a Chief Executive Officer on a daily basis. The Board is passionate about bringing accreditation to reality as the first four organizations in 2018 experienced the value of becoming accredited.

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