Accreditation Process

A 5-Step Housing Accreditation Process

The Affordable Housing Accreditation Board makes it easy for you to register and complete the accreditation application online. We are always here to help or answer any questions at any point throughout the process.

Our review of your organization evaluates your governance, leadership and breadth of operations in detail against the 8 standards, while approaching the review and site visit in a collaborative, collegial manner. The end result is a report and experience that gives your organization greater insight into how your organization compares to industry standards.

100% of accredited organization staff have found that the process was beneficial to their organization, and that it would benefit other organizations.

accreditation steps graphic

Step 1

Prepare for Housing Accreditation Process


  • Review AHAB Standards & Guidelines
  • Establish Accreditation Committee
  • Conduct Accreditation Readiness Survey
  • Appoint Accreditation Coordinator


  • Stand ready for consultation via phone or email

Step 2

Register for Housing Accreditation Process


  • Complete the Accreditation Registration Form
  • Submit Pre-Candidate Fee


  • Open online portal for your Application
  • Stand ready for consultation via phone or email

Step 3

Apply for Housing Accreditation


  • Prepare application responses, narratives and evidence of compliance
  • Upload all the application information to the portal
  • Submit the application
  • Respond to completion of application questions


  • Establish Organization Review Team
  • Review application for completeness
  • Notify you when your Application is considered complete

Step 4

Review, Site Visit & Report


  • Pay Review and Site Visit fee
  • Confirm application completion with AHAB
  • Establish site visit agenda, dates, times
  • Respond to pre-site visit review questions
  • Site visit occurs
  • Submit accreditation experience evaluation
  • Submit comments about Organization Review Team Report


  • Review of application begins
  • Accreditation specialist organizes reviewers per agenda
  • Compile pre-site visit questions
  • Organization Review Team conducts site review and compiles onsite feedback
  • Accreditation Specialist works with full Organization Review Team to complete final report

Step 5

Housing Accreditation Decision


  • AHAB Board meets and determines accreditation decision
  • AHAB notifies you of the accreditation decision
  • AHAB provides accredited organizations with marketing materials

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