Diana McWilliams

President and CEO

Diana became CEO of the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board in January 2017. She has over 25 years of management experience helping transform public and non profit organizations to work more effectively for the people and communities they serve. Her leadership experience includes working on accreditation from the service provider side, with accrediting bodies of the National Children’s Alliance, Council on Accreditation, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Diana served for two terms as a state representative in Delaware, and as behavioral health commissioner for the State of New Mexico. In the commissioner role, accreditation played a crucial part in funding decisions, and assessing the quality of the provider network. Diana’s unique experience, such as her membership on the executive team that expanded Medicaid for the State of New Mexico, has enabled her to have a strong understanding of all areas of managing organizations receiving public funding. She has led organizations through the accreditation process, established quality assurance programs, led re-accreditation teams, and been on the receiving end of accreditation. Just prior to running AHAB, Diana ran the largest emergency shelter in the City of Philadelphia serving homeless families, and provided 80 units of transitional and permanent supportive housing funded by the City of Philadelphia and HUD in scattered sites throughout West Philadelphia.

Diana is a graduate of George Mason University and holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Delaware where she was a Legislative Fellow for the Delaware House of Representatives and Executive Fellow for former Governor Carper, now US Senator. She is committed to helping affordable housing organizations of all types and sizes with implementing best practices, giving a platform to innovative strategies, and assisting them with being assets to their communities.

Diana McWilliams President and CEO