Get to Know AHAB’s Eight Standards for Affordable Housing Organizations

Get to Know AHAB’s Eight Standards 

If you’re a high-achieving agency looking to continuously improve your operations, getting accredited with the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board (AHAB) is a great next step. AHAB is an independent organization that has been accrediting affordable housing providers nationwide since 2018.

What Makes AHAB Unique

For decades, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has required public housing organizations to meet certain standards to receive government funding. You are undoubtedly already aware that this system, known as the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS), focuses on four key areas: governance, financial management, compliance, and operational performance, and scores the agency accordingly. While PHAS is an effective measure of an agency’s performance, industry stakeholders have long since felt that other areas should be considered. Developed by those same industry stakeholders, AHAB accreditation covers everything HUD’s PHAS program does, plus four new standards: executive leadership team, customer service, community engagement, and resident quality of life.

Explore AHAB’s eight standards for affordable housing organizations to see how they align with your current operations. Want more details?  Download our complete guide.


Evaluates how your organization is governed, from maintaining an ethical board to assuring that policies and procedures are followed by staff.

Executive Leadership Team

Evaluates how your organization’s executive leadership team implements your mission, goals, and policies

Financial Management

Evaluates your organization’s operations, from managing resources to allocating assets.

Community Engagement and Improvement

Evaluates your organization’s relationship with the local community.

Operational Performance

Evaluates how your organization delivers and facilitates access to quality, affordable housing.

Quality of Life for Residents

Evaluates how your organization facilitates access to services that help improve the quality of life for residents.


Evaluates how your organization complies with federal, state, and local laws in all business dealings.

Customer Service

Evaluates how your organization upholds the rights and dignity of everyone from stakeholders to residents and staff.

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